Luis Elizondo

Hi, I'm Luis Elizondo and I live in Guadalajara, Mexico. I currently work at Rever. I write mostly about tech stuff.

How to analyse a text file with millions of lines
Let's say that you have a file with millions of lines and you need to analyse it.
Debugging docker no space left on device problem
A few weeks ago I started seeing an error that was preventing the Jenkins (docker) slave from running the tests of one of our projects.
Do not rebuild your frontend code
I was recently working on a frontend project that uses Angular2. We have 3 environments, development; staging and production so the frontend points to a different API url for each of the environments.
Synchronous JavaScript using Promises. Solving the callback hell.
Let's face it, one of the most difficult things to understand when learning Javascript is the asynchronous stuff. If you want to learn how to solve it (almost), keep reading, I'll show you how to use promises in an easy way, step by step.
How to write a big loop on Node.js
I'm working on a project on Sails.js and I need to insert 144,034 records into a MySQL database. Sails provides Waterline, a database abstraction mechanism which is outside of the scope of this post.